Cannabis Concentrate Sample on Raptor ARC-18 2.7 μm by HPLC-UV

PeakstR (min)
1.Cannabigerol (CBG)3.06
PeakstR (min)
2.Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC)6.03
3.Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid A (THCA-A)7.87
ColumnRaptor ARC-18 (cat.# 9314A65)
Dimensions:150 mm x 4.6 mm ID
Particle Size:2.7 µm
Pore Size:90 Å
Guard Column:Raptor ARC-18 EXP guard column cartridge 2.7 µm (cat.# 9314A0250)
Temp.:30 °C
Diluent:25:75 Water:methanol
Inj. Vol.:5 µL
Mobile Phase
A:Water, 5 mM ammonium formate, 0.1% formic acid
B:Acetonitrile, 0.1% formic acid
Time (min)Flow (mL/min)%A%B
DetectorUV/Vis @ 228 nm
Notes20 mg of concentrate was weighed into a 50 mL centrifuge tube. 10 mL of ethanol was added prior to vortexing (5 seconds) and sonicating (5 minutes) over a total of three cycles. The sample was then centrifuged for 5 minutes at 3000 rpm. The supernatant was diluted 10-fold in 25:75 water:methanol, vortexed briefly, and filtered using a 0.2 μm Thomson SINGLE StEP standard filter vial (cat.#: 25893) prior to analysis.
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