Dibenzothiophene (Including C1-C4 Substitution) Elution Area for a Diesel Sample on Rxi-1ms and Rtx-FLD (GCxGC-TOFMS, TIC)

ColumnRxi-1ms 60 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 13326)
  with Rxi-1ms 60 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 13326)
Rtx-FLD 1.5 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.10 µm,
SampleDiesel fuel #2 composite (cat.# 31093)
Diluent:Methylene chloride
Conc.:5,000 µg/mL
Inj. Vol.:1 µL split (split ratio 50:1)
Liner:Premium 4 mm Precision inlet liner w/wool (cat.# 23305.1)
Inj. Temp.:275 °C
Split Vent Flow Rate:100 mL/min
Oven Temp.:Rxi-1ms: 40 °C (hold 1 min) to 320 °C at 1.3 °C/min (hold 1 min)
Rtx-FLD: 45 °C (hold 1 min) to 325 °C at 1.3 °C/min (hold 1 min)
Carrier GasHe, corrected constant flow (2 mL/min)
Modulator Temp. Offset:20 °C
Second Dimension Separation Time:3 sec
Hot Pulse Time:1 sec
Cool Time between Stages:0.5 sec
Transfer Line Temp.:300 °C
Analyzer Type:TOF
Source Temp.:250 °C
Electron Energy:70 eV
Mass Defect:50 mu/100 u
Solvent Delay Time:10 min
Tune Type:PFTBA
Ionization Mode:EI
Acquisition Range:45 to 450 amu
Spectral Acquisition Rate:200 spectra/sec
InstrumentLECO Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS
NotesThe Rtx-FLD column is an experimental column and is not yet commercially available.
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