Chromatography Calculators

Online Tools and Reference Tables for Optimization


EZGC™ Method Translator and Flow Calculator
The new EZGC™ Method Translator and Flow Calculator makes it simple to switch carrier gases, change column dimensions or detectors, or to optimize a method for speed or efficiency.

Solvent Expansion Calculator
Calculates vapor expansion based on injection parameters; allows selection of different solvents, liner dimensions, temperature, pressure, and sample volume.

Typical GC Column Characteristics
Look up approximate flow rates, sample capacity, ferrule dimensions, and other column characteristics based on ID.

Pressure Calculator
Converts between pressure measures, calculates values.

Reference Charts:

Setting Dead Time for Optimum Linear Velocity
Recommended dead volume compounds and procedural instructions.

Methane Retention
Methane retention time (dead volume) for both H2 and He, average linear velocity calculation.

Pressure Conversion Factors
Table of conversion factors.

Measures of Composition
Handy reference chart summarizes ppt, ppm, & ppb measures, based on weight and/or volume.

Mesh Size Conversions
Convert between mesh size, mm, and microns.

Handy Septum Size Chart
Look up the correct septum diameter for your GC.