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Kit standard allergene fragranza

  • Fully resolves 31 fragrance allergens with one analysis on an Rxi-17 column.
  • Ideal for GC-MS analysis following IFRA methodology.
  • Helps you meet EU requirements defined in the European Cosmetics Directive.
  • All components included at 400 ppm to allow dilution for calibration curves and use with different solvents.
  • Exceeds purity requirements outlined in IFRA method.
  • This kit contains one ampul of each of the following cat.#s: 33100, 33101, 33102, 33103, 33104. (Components of the kit are not available for individual sale.)

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Miscela di test materiali fragranza (12 componenti)

  • Performance evaluation for essential oils and fragrance chemicals.
  • System suitability mixture for GC systems and analytical columns.
  • Convenient 0.5 mL quantity for easy dilution to recommended working solution.

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