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Sistema di pulizia per Canister TO-Clean

Forno di pulizia dei Canister ad alta capacità, completamente automatico, facile da usare, aumenta drammaticamente l'efficienza del laboratorio

  • Oil-free pump lowers risk of contamination.
  • Compliant to most documented government and standard methods.
  • Powerful 6i pump can achieve 50 mTorr in <25 minutes for twelve 6-L canisters; higher power 10i option also available.
  • Custom-built trays for different canister sizes.
  • Humidifier provides humidified sweep gas to improve cleaning process.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • Fully assembled and ready to use.

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Camera di umificazione

When cleaning SilcoCan or TO-Can canisters, it is important to use humidified air or nitrogen to help remove volatile organic contaminants. Restek’s humidification chamber is made of acrylic and withstands pressure up to 90 psi. The 1/4-inch inlet and outlet compression fittings allow easy connection to pressure lines on your cleaning system. Our humidification chamber also has an easy-to-open lid for filling with water.

Visualizza le informazioni del prodotto