GC Column Selection Poster

Zip up humdrum lab space with this attractive, easy-to-understand GC column selection poster. Simple gradient charts for column stationary phase selectivity, film thickness, internal diameter, and length make it easy to choose the best column for your specific applications. Request a printed copy.

GC Columns Poster Package

This package from Restek includes two posters and a companion guide. The first poster provides an overview to GC column selection and the second provides helpful tips for GC troubleshooting. Concepts from both posters are combined in an in-depth technical guide that includes detailed discussion on optimizing resolution and improving chromatographic performance. Request your GC Columns poster package today!

GC Troubleshooting Poster

This handy GC troubleshooting poster summarizes the basic steps to fast, effective troubleshooting of GC instruments and analyses. Symptoms, causes, and solutions to common GC separation problems are laid out clearly with example chromatography. Request a printed copy.

Restek Periodic Table Poster

Spruce up your lab with this attractive periodic table from Restek. Displays useful information in an easy-to-read wall chart format. Request a printed copy.