FAQ per ordini

FAQ per ordini



The information on this screen explains the basic features of Restek's online catalog and answers some of the frequently asked questions about online ordering. If you need more help, contact:

Web Team:, or
Customer Service: 800-356-1688, ext. 3

Online ordering currently is only available to direct customers ordering inside the United States. Other customers please use this site to obtain a quote.


New Customers

New customers must establish an account with Restek prior to making a purchase. Accounts will be set up initially as "credit card only", but you may apply for credit terms after registering your account.


Shopping Cart

Use the Shopping Cart screen to modify or place your order. Add desired items, adjust quantities, then click Update.

Items can be added to your Shopping Cart in two ways:

  1. Search or browse the product listings, then click the Add to My Cart button next to the desired item.
  2. Enter catalog number(s) directly in the Shopping Cart and click the Apply button.

Note that many supplier codes and competitors’ part numbers are also recognized as catalog numbers in searches and the Shopping Cart. This makes it easy to convert to Restek.


Checking Out

When you are ready to send your order, go to the Shopping Cart and click the "Checkout" button. Note that you must be logged in to do this. If you don't have a login, you can create one in a matter of minutes.

You can use your Restek payment account, and we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. You may also submit a Quote Request.

See "Frequently Asked Questions" below for information about updating or canceling an order that has already been placed.



You can check out by placing a Quote Request rather than an order, to confirm pricing and availability before committing to the purchase.

  1. Add your item(s) to the Shopping Cart
  2. Click the "Request a Quote" button
  3. An acknowledgement will be sent to you within one business day
  4. When you receive the acknowledgement, be sure to note the Sales Quote ID because you will need it later


Order History

Your previous orders appear in a list showing their current status.


Cancellations & Changes

To Add Items:
  • Option One: place a second order online with the additional items only. Note, this will be a separate order with its own invoice and will incur separate freight charges.
  • Option Two: contact Customer Service by phone or e-mail to revise the existing order. This can be done only if your order hasn't shipped yet.
      » 800-356-1688, ext. 3 •

For All Other Changes:
  • Please contact Customer Service by phone or e-mail. DO NOT SEND THE ORDER AGAIN. Doing so will result in a second order being processed.
      » 800-356-1688, ext. 3 •

Resending an order will create a duplication, and may result in additional invoicing and freight costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to log in?
To place orders, yes. Registration takes only a few minutes. Guest users can browse the full catalog, but must log in before they can make a purchase.

Will my discount be applied?
Yes. You will be charged the same prices online as when ordering by phone. If you require price confirmation via e-mail, mention it in the notes field of your order. You can also send a Quote Request.

Where is the "Checkout" button?
If your shopping cart does not show this button, use "Request a Quote."

What if the item I need isn't listed?
This usually happens with custom products. You can use the "Special Instructions" area, found at the end of the checkout process, to list additional items to be added to your order when it is processed. However, your Shopping Cart must contain at least one stock item. If you need assistance, please call Customer Service.

Can I order from outside the United States?
Currently we are only able to take online orders within the United States. Please refer to our list of international distributors to select a dealer in your area. You may send us a quote request, which we will forward to a suitable dealer.

What are your export compliance guidelines?
Please refer to our Export Control Notice.

How do I cancel or change an order?
Please call Customer Service for assistance. 800-356-1688, ext. 3

How do I contact Accounts Receivable?
You can e-mail your questions to

Customer Service

800-356-1688, ext. 3 or 814-353-1300, ext. 3
8:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Eastern Time

24 hours a day