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Heard about radiello Air Samplers? Here’s Why They Stand Out.

radiello passive diffusive air samplers are an easy-to-use alternative to bags, canisters, and tubes. Our video explains why the unique radial design provides benefits such as higher sample uptake rates, higher capacity, and application flexibility.

How to Find the Right LC Guard Column Fast

Choosing an LC guard column doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Use our selection guide to quickly find the best one for your setup—you’ll get dependable protection and optimal performance from your analytical column for many analyses to come.

Here’s What Restek Was Up to at Pittcon 2019

If you missed us at Pittcon, you can still review our posters. Topics included residual solvents in cannabis concentrates, small bed EPH, and this featured poster exploring the effect of liner geometry on split/splitless analysis of liquid extracts.

Need a New Source for Products from W.R. Grace?

Restek has you covered with high-quality GC columns, LC columns, reference standards, accessories, sample preparation products, and more. Simply use our fast-and-easy chromatography consumable cross-reference to find a suitable replacement part.